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our Products

Shop Enhanced Ideas the highest quality and most research and tested products of it's kind world wide.  The medical research and science is behind all of our products.  Our products are patented world wide to ensure the highest quality possible.

You can shop our health and wellness area.  Get your immune system in shape with either Immunocal or Immunocal Platinum.  It will definitely give your body what it needs.  More energy, more defense from illness, more defense from muscle fatigue, athletes will recover from work outs faster, increased muscle definition, lean muscle definition, improve your sleep, increase your mental alertness.  The best partner for the active life styles of today.   Add in the probiotics, the cherry juice, the daily essentials pack or any of our other products.  And you'll be running healthy and active circles around your friends and relatives.

Keep your health in mind with your every day habits. Organic food is the best, but that doesn't mean you skip the gourmet food.  See our full line of organic gourmet products.  We have your favorite organic gourmet coffee, hot tea, cold tea, brew cups and hot chocolate all in easy carry packages.  Don't miss a step through the day bring your favorite beverage with you.  Add healthy to the mix with Ganoderma from the Reishi medical mushroom added to each of them just makes it even better.  Just say aaahhhhh to a new healthy favorite at less money than at your local coffee shop and most convenience stores.  Great taste, saves time and money.  What a great combo!

For all of you who work out you will absolutely love our products.  From our 100% natural energy drinks that won't hurt you or your work out regime, to our many other products to help your muscles rebuild faster and keep you in your peek of strength and health.

Anyone out there with any chronic muscle or pain syndrome.  Your really should try Immunocal or Immunocal Platinum.  There is so much real medical research and clinic trials proving that these products help it is just crazy.  Don't just go by the tons of personal testimonials.  Trust the real medical research.

Anyone out there with attention deficit disorders (ADD/ ADHD) you will just love our Xtra Sharp. There are so many testimonial for this particular product helping.  Xtra Sharp has helped when no other product or medication has and has gotten many off the medication to help them lead much better and healthier lives.

You will find other products similar to Immuncal and our products on other sites, those are the knock offs.  They try to show you medical research.  The funny thing is, if you really look at their research, they are using Immunotec's research on our products and trying to pass it off as their's.  There are no other products on the market that have done actual medical research on their products.  Immunocal has been in the Doctor's Physicians Desk Reference book (PDR) for the last decade.  So you can have your doctor look it up and help you do research on it.  Our parent company Immunotec has been in business for 20+  years.  And in that time, there has never been a known side effect, allergic reaction or drug interaction to Immunocal.  The only thing that may happen is you might lose a little weight, each packet has 10 grams of protein in it.

Now for you animal lovers, all mammals can use Immuncal regular.  Cats, dogs, rabbits, ects....  1 packet per 40 pounds of animal.  or 1 teaspoon per ten pounds of animal. Per day.  You Just mix it with water or their favorite soft food.  Watch that older dog keep up with the puppy.  Watch the dog with arthritis run like he was 2 years old again and never had arthritis.  Save the kitty with kidney problems.  And even more...  It will help your animal with anything it can help people with.

Then jump over to our Weight Loss area and check out all of our MiForm products.  The MiForm line has everything you need to lose weight or manage your weight.  This line from Miform is 100% natural with absolutely no side affects and no added sugars.  MiForm products are the absolutely healthiest way to manage your weight.  You'll be just glowing and have tons of energy when you get with the MiForm program.

We can't forget our beauty products.  Shop Enhanced Ideas will keep your skin the best it has ever been with our Elasense anti aging skin care line.  Clinically and dermatologist tested, good for all skin types.  Get the skin back you remember having.  Be sure to try our natural toothpaste.  You haven't tasted fresh until you have tried our toothpaste.  For a healthy mouth with natural whitening.  To our best selling natural soap.  Our soap has helped many with skin conditions and sensative skin.  Great for normal skin too.  It will leave your skin with the youthful glowing radiance that once only belonged to the young.  Now it can be yours.

Look and feel your best with our complete line of health, anti aging and weight loss, and organic gourmet products.

Then jump into our sales area.  We have new products on sale each month.  So you will have to stop back to see what our new sale products are each month.

We also have all the accessories you will need for your health, wellness, anti aging and weight loss products.  From a hand held mixer just the right speed for the Immunocal, shaker cups for both the Immunocal and the MiForm line.  We have books from the Medical experts so you can learn more.  You can even get a mouse pad or a USB stick to show everyone you know how you got the great body you have.  When you find the best  you should spread the wealth with everyone you know and care about.  Or you can just make them a little jealous with how great you look and smile while you walk on by...... 

But now, if you refer 10 people for individual sales or 5 regular customers we just might need to help you out with a special gift....  So just keep that in mind too...  We will gift you with products that fit your lifestyle.  So sharing can help you out too..

Our Products

The Most Complete selection of  Health, Anti aging and weight Loss Products with real medical research at reasonable prices...

Natural supplements, weight loss and management, anti aging skin care

Let Immunotec Science Give You The Best Health & Weight Loss Available!!!

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